Campaign life monitoring at the Fonderie Horne reactor by the acousto ultrasonic-echo technique

Author(s) B. Climenhaga, M. Henstock, A. Sadri, M. Elldrissi, P. Michaud
Presented at COM 2020, virtual conference The 59th Conference of Metallurgists (COM) + Uranium 2020, October 14-15, 2020.


The paper presents a case study of proper refractory management at the Fonderie Horne in Rouyn-Noranda. Information on the refractory monitoring program and how it has benefitted the smelting process is presented. Major topics of discussion include the trending of refractory wear across campaigns, how continuous monitoring impacts operation, and how to mitigate the effect that refractory alteration has on the lining integrity. This case study represents one in a growing number of clients engaged in a refractory health monitoring program, an accurate understanding of refractory health has become a standard in operating metallurgical assets to their full value.