Future of mining fragmentation

Author(s) S. Dehkhoda
Presented at ISRM International Workshop: Recent Developments in Rock Mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia, January 31, 2020


This talk provides an overview the historic progression of rock fragmentation techniques in soft and hard rock mining. Guided by the challenges of today’s mining industry, the most recent research efforts as well as emerging technologies are discussed to build a view of the industry’s growth into the future

Presentation slides include:
- Mining industry challenges
- Productivity Paradox at bust and boom
- Mechanisation in soft rocks
- Mechanisation of hard mining
- What does Selective means?
- Mechanised excacvatio of hard rocks
- Mechanical cutting tools
- Actuated disc cutting
- Prediction of energy efficiency
- High pressure water jet, types, and application
- Microwave, thermal and high voltage electric puls fracturing
- Grade engineering with HIB
- Mining in the new era