Hearth temperature control at USS blast furnace

Author(s) Entwistle, J. Grindey, J. Albanese, R. Lee, D. Rogers, B. McCoy, M. Cameron, Ian Sukhram, Mitren Bodley, Michael Midha, Rishi Al-Dojayli, Maher Chomyn, Kyle Ghobara, Yasser Towsey, Paul
Proceedings of the Iron & Steel Technology Conference 6–9 May 2019, Pittsburgh, Pa., USA


Blast Furnace No. 14 (BF14) is the largest blast furnace at U. S. Steel Corporation. The current hearth design was implemented in 2010 and features a micropore carbon block construction with graphite installed in the taphole area between the cold face of the micropore carbon and the steel shell. The hearth is well instrumented with over 500 thermocouples installed. Hearth wall thermocouples are positioned at 4, 12 and 20 inches from the carbon block cold face. The BF14 hearth construction and hearth thermocouple placement can be seen in Figures 1 and 2. Further details on the BF 14 design and operation are available from the AIST Blast Furnace Round-up.