Historical data from long-term blast furnace monitoring for campaign life extension

Author(s) Sadri.Afshin Henstock, Mitchell Ying. Winnie Gordon, Yakov M. | Gordon. Iakov, Kumar. Sunil
NDT - Non-destructive testing Pyrometallurgy


Proper timing of a blast furnace refractory reline is crucial to the success of any blast furnace operation. A premature furnace refractory relining results in loss of capital and creating unnecessary waste. Nevertheless, reckless furnace operation with inefficient and worn-down refractory lining can result in a costly metal leaks or run-outs and prolonged furnace downtime. Careful long-term continuous monitoring of refractory thickness and integrity allows for refractory wear and condition to be predicted, which results in better maintenance practices and optimum furnace reline schedules.