Small modular reactors - Varied mining deployment opportunities

Author(s) E. Konarek, N. Tedford
1st International Conference on Generation IV and Small Reactors - Ottawa Marriott Hotel, Ottawa, ON, Canada, 2018 Nov. 6-8


Northern Canada presents unique challenges for the development of mining opportunities. One significant challenge is the high cost of electricity generation in remote regions due in large part to costly fuel delivery. Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) have been proposed as an alternative power source for these regions. In this paper some of the major advantages that SMR deployments present to the mining industry will be investigated. The paper will explore the core advantage of delivering lower cost power to a site as well as auxiliary advantages which include: potential for increased localized processing, potential for high capacity heat distribution networks, potential for significant reductions in required transport trips to the mine site, and potential for site electrification and in turn reduction of ventilation requirements. The paper will focus on particularly promising geographical regions across Northern Canada.