Redesign and rebuild of the Pan Pacific Copper flash smelting furnace

Author(s) G. Walters, G. Motomura, T. Stevens, G. Kawasaki, M. Tomoya Mazhar
Extraction 2018, August 26–29, 2018 • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


After 40 years of operation with the original design, Pan Pacific Copper determined it was necessary to rebuild the Saganoseki Flash Smelting Furnace to continue safe operation. The original design employed a rigid steel frame, which, through hearth growth, led to severe distortion of the frame. Contributing to the continued growth of the hearth were thermal cycles that occurred during the government mandated annual shutdowns.

Hatch designed a unique sprung bound, pivoting binding frame to maximize crucible size within the existing furnace footprint, while integrating the PPC designed cooling jackets. The bound system maintains tight brick joints, while the new conductive hearth design with integrated bottom cooling produces a protective freeze layer to accommodate higher furnace throughput. 

Minimization of furnace downtime for the rebuild was achieved through effective construction planning, highly trained contractors, and through an efficient start-up and ramp-up to full production.