Progressing towards furnace modernization by utilizing comparitive analysis of acousto ultrasonic-echo (AU-E) monitoring: Case studies

Author(s) M. Henstock, A. Sadri, W.L. Ying, P. Szyplinski
Extraction 2018, August 26–29, 2018 • Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Acousto Ultrasonic - Echo (AU-E) is a technique developed to provide accurate measurements of the refractory lining wear in operating smelters based on the principles of stress wave propagation. The objective of the system is to provide feedback for the continuous optimization of the overall smelter operation. In some cases, the AU-E refractory lining measurements have allowed clients to extend their smelter campaigns and operate safely for several years beyond their planned reline schedule. In other cases, AU-E results inform clients of serious issues within their furnace allowing them to shut down their smelters ahead of predicted failures and possible disasters.

This paper presents the results of several smelter AU-E inspections of the hearth and sidewall. These case studies demonstrate how the AU-E results were used to positively affect the smelter operation.