Empirical solutions for advection gas leakage from GMB-GCL composite liner through GMB defects

Author(s) S.D. Hinchberger, R.K. Rowe, G.G. Qu, A. El-Takch
GeoOttawa 2017


This paper presents empirical solutions for engineers to assess advective gas leakage through a GMB/GCL composite liner. The paper first introduces analytical solutions for gas leakage from a circular defect in GMB and derives an analytical solution from a long rectangle defect. The analytical solutions are rigorous but complicated, requiring a numerical solution to equations involving modified Bessel functions. Empirical sxolutions are provided in a simple mathematic form to allow an efficient evaluation of gas leakage for design engineers. For a long rectangle defect, the empirical solutions were established by mathematically simplifying the derived analytical solution. For a circular defect, the empirical solutions were developed from a series of Monte-Carlo analyses and calibration to the analytical solution. The comparison of empirical and analytical solutions shows a good agreement. The application of the empirical solutions was illustrated through an example.