Energy efficient ball mill circuit – equipment sizing considerations

Author(s) A. Jankovic, W. Valery
AUSIMM Spectrum Series - "We are Metallurgists, Not Magicians" - METPlant 2017


The ball mill in closed circuit with hydrocyclones is an industry standard, and well known methodologies exist for equipment sizing, selection and design; however, the potential to improve the capacity of ball mill circuits by replacing cyclones with screens has been recognised for many years and recently has been successfully realised, thanks to developments in fine screening technology. Proper methodology for equipment sizing and selection is required to capitalise on this opportunity, but there is currently insufficient information and few guidelines available on how to design such a circuit. This paper discusses the differences between ball mill circuits closed with cyclones and with screens. A methodology is described for equipment sizing and selection for a circuit closed with screens and the laboratory testing requirements are described for low-grade base metal ores and magnetite ores. An economic evaluation is also presented for a case study demonstrating the potential benefits of closing a ball mill circuit with screens.