Simple determination of physical and thermal properties as a basis for the design and analysis of waste to energy combustion equipment

Author(s) Posada, Enrique., Arango, Melisa., Posada, Ricardo., Jaramillo, Mateo
International Journal of Current Research Vol. 9, Issue, 08, August 2017.
Waste to Energy equipment design and operation is highly depending on the physical and thermal properties of the waste to be used. While this seems obvious, there are practical complications when a study is undertaken, because of lack of proper determination of the waste characteristics. This paper proposes the use of a set of physical and thermal properties as the basis for the design and the study and analysis of the actual functioning of WTE equipment, characterizing them by using simple determination techniques. A rational method is proposed for the use of these in the design and analysis, illustrated with practical examples derived from the experience of the authors with these systems. It is proposed that, by using this approach, it will be easier to determine important aspects of the feasibility of a new project and derive appropriate conclusions when auditing working WTE equipment.