Representation and Management Of Project’s Knowledge – A Linked Data Approach

Author(s) P. Zangeneh, B. McCabe, M. Pearson, N. Mason
CSCE Conference May 31 - June 3, 2017


Large engineering companies have an abundance of project data in the form of reports and tables. As well, they possess valuable expert knowledge. There is enormous potential to systematically utilise these resources to assist with assessment of risks and estimates. Advances in computer and data sciences have significantly changed our interaction with data. More devices get connected the internet each day. “Sematic Web” has raised as a solution to increase machine readability and interoperability of data using “Linked Data” format and graph data structures. This provides a great environment to capture knowledge using ontology engineering. Overall, these concepts make it possible to create powerful and efficient knowledge bases. This paper presents our path and the latest efforts to create a knowledge management and representation system for engineering projects, using ontology engineering, linked data  and semantic web concepts.