Innovations and Efficiency in Urban Tunnelling A Case Study of the Eglinton Crosstown

Author(s) D. Ifrim, A. Solecki, I. Hassan, P. Cott
RETC 2017 - Rapid Excavation & Tunnelling Conference - June 4-7, 2017, San Diego, CA


The Eglinton Crosstown LRT project with 10km of twin tunnels 6.5m DIA in EPB conditions is the largest infrastructure project initiated in Canadian history and is a perfect example of challenging working conditions in urban tunnelling. Working space constraints, hauling of muck, water discharge, noise and vibration limits along with “just in time” delivery of segmental lining and other materials posed a real challenge to the tunnel construction logistics.

This paper discusses the project challenges and the design and contractor’s innovative solutions with focus on tunnel logistics, project specific conditions restrictions and, the impact on TBM productivity and efficiency.