Mathematical Model and Stabilization System for Slag Mode of Blast Furnace Operation

Author(s) Y. Gordon, N. Izumskiy
AISTECH 2017 - 8-11 May 2017, Nashville, Tenn. USA


The present-day blast furnace production industry has achieved a high standard in the production technology, development of its raw materials and fuel facilities, mathematical modelling of its processes, as well as in the control, automation and optimization systems provision. Nevertheless, the enormous range and sophistication of the physico-chemical processes undergoing in the blast furnace is characterized up to now by a discrepancy between the results of the fundamental research and practical state-of-the art means of upgrading the slag formation procedure during the blast furnace smelting.

The article presents a description of the blast furnace slags viscosity model, algorithms of its programmed realization and examples of their usage in the blast furnaces operation control, evaluation of the metallurgical value of the iron ore materials, coke and coals for coal-dust mixes, as well as for solving the tasks of the current and strategic planning of the blast furnace departments operation, and for optimizing the policy of sales and purchases.