Synthetic Fuel Production via Carbon Neutral Cycles with High Temperature Nuclear Reactors as a Power Source

Author(s) E. Konarek, B.Coulas, and J.Sarvinis
36th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society and 40th Annual CNS/CNA Student Conference, Toronto, Canada, June 19-22, 2016


This paper analyzes a number of carbon neutral cycles, which could be used to produce synthetic hydrocarbon fuels. Synthetic hydrocarbons are produced via the synthesis of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen. The cycles considered will either utilize Gasification processes, or carbon capture as a source of feed material. In addition the cycles will be coupled to a small modular Nuclear Reactor (SMR) as a power and heat source. The goal of this analysis is to reduce or eliminate the need to transport diesel and other fossil fuels to remote regions and to provide a carbon neutral, locally produced hydrocarbon fuel for remote communities. The technical advantages as well as the economic case are discussed for each of the cycles presented.