Small Modular Reactors for the Production of Hydrogen Fuel at Remote Sites

Author(s) E. Konarek, J. Eastick, B. Gihm, J. Sarvinis
36th Annual Conference of the Canadian Nuclear Society and 40th Annual CNS/CNA Studen Conference Toronto, Canada, June 19-22, 2016


Diesel fuel is commonly used at remote (off grid) sites as both a fuel for vehicles, as well as a consumable for power generation. The major disadvantage of diesel usage is the high cost to transport the fuel to these areas. In this paper hydrogen is proposed as an alternative fuel for remote areas. Hydrogen when consumed in a fuel cell can be used to provide electrical power to a vehicle as well as to an electrical grid. The study will quantify the effect that various variables have on the cost of using hydrogen as a fuel. The results will discuss both the feasibility of hydrogen as a fuel today, as well as the metrics that would be required for its use to be economically feasible with future technology and practices.