Thyristor Based AC Arc Furnace Power Stabilizer Increases Productivity and Efficiency

Author(s) R. Stadler, S. Tambe, D. Shen, W. Hull
AISTECH 2016, May 16-19, 2016


A stable arc at higher voltage is the key to a substantial productivity increase and reduced operating costs of an AC arc furnace. This can be achieved by using ABB’s furnace current stabilizing system, based on Hatch’s SPLC (Smart Predictive Line Controller)TM technology. Central to this current stabilizing system are current-limiting inductors which are driven by thyristors to continuously control the furnace current. Installing this system causes minimum disruption to the ongoing production.

The benefits of the technology include increased steel production capability, reduced electrode, refractory and energy consumption. The paper is intended to provide the demonstrated as-commissioned performance benefits.