Evaluating Wind Uplift for Exposed Geomembrane Using Three Dimensional CFD Modeling

Author(s) S. Hinchberger, G. Liang, H. Dashtpeyma
47th Annual H.G. Acres Seminar 2016, Climate Change & Waterpower-Myths, Science and Impacts, Niagara Falls, Ontario, April 14, 2016


Evaluating wind uplift forces on an exposed geomembrane (GM) is essential for GM tie-down system design. The suction factors recommended by Giroud et al (1995) are the common used parameters to calculate the suction pressure induced by wind. However, Giroud’s suction factors are an upper bound envelop derived from the measurements of small-scale wind tunnel tests published by Dedrick (1973, 1974a, 1974b, 1975). The recent 3D computation fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling for wind uplift assessment has been carried out by Hatch for Gilboa Pumped Storage Reservoir GM Liner design. The CFD modeling results indicate that Giroud’s suction factors are overly conservative for Gilboa PSP reservoirs. This paper presents 3D CFD modeling for Gilboa wind uplift assessment. The numerical results have been used to optimize the wind uplift system design.