The New CSA Z94.2 Standard: Hearing Protection Devices — Performance, Selection, Care, and Use

Author(s) A. Behar, T. Kelsall
Canadian Acoustics Vol 44, No. 1., January 2016


One of the most widely referenced acoustical standards in Canada is CSA Standard Z94.2, “Hearing Protection Devices – Performance, Selection, Care, and Use”. CSA issued the 7th edition in 2015 and there have been significant changes. The standard still has the ABC system but adds significant discussion on NRR and SNR (SF84) including the appropriate methods and derating needed in estimating actual noise exposure from these descriptors. It also discusses “Field Attenuation Estimation Systems (FAES)”, which allow performance measurement on actual users. It also meshes with the new standard Z1007, Management of Hearing Loss Prevention Programs, which should be out in 2016.