Managing Furnace Integrity by Utilizing Non Destructive Testing NDT and Monitoring Techniques

Author(s) W. L. Ying, R. MacRosty, P. Gebski, R. Pula, A. Sadri, T. Gerritsen
COM 2015, Toronto, Ontario


Furnace run-outs can cause extended furnace downtime for repair, while leaks or more severe failures in the cooling system can lead to brick hydration or in severe cases, steam explosions. These incidents can result in lost production, damage to equipment, injuries and casualties. To prevent such incidents, reliable and accurate techniques to monitor the critical components of the furnace such as refractory lining, furnace structure, taphole integrity and main water circuits are required. This paper describes several advanced methods that have been developed to assess the condition of furnace integrity, refractory lining, tapholes and cooling water circuits.