Guidelines For Selecting Pellet Plant Technology

Author(s) J. Murilo Mourao, M. Huerta, U. Vieira de Medeiros, I. Cameron, K. O’Leary, C. Howey
Iron Ore Conference 2015, Perth, WA, July 13-15, 2015


As greater amounts of fine iron ore concentrates enter the marketplace, new investments in iron ore pelletizing capacity are inevitable to deliver these concentrates to steel industry consumers. When investors assess the two well proven pelletizing technologies, the straight grate and grate-kiln, the most appropriate choice may not be immediately evident. Certain technical, market and site specific factors will favor one technology over the other, investors need to be aware and understand these factors in order to make the best investment decision. Hatch has compared the merits of both technologies regarding plant construction; type of iron ore processed; energy consumption and flexibility to use a variety of fuels; ability to produce the required pellet quality; required plant capacity and scale; operating and capital costs and environmental performance. A technology assessment checklist that investors should consider when making a new pellet plant investment decision is presented.