Energy Cost Optimization For An Integrated Greenfield Potash Solution Mine

Author(s) A. Stamatiou, M. Machado, M. Fedoroff, N. Gruschow, M. Rembe
Solution Mining Conference April 2015


A study was performed in order to determine the optimum energy balance between the solution mine caverns, refinery and crystallization ponds for a theoretical Saskatchewan potash solution mine.

NG Consulting’s solution mining cavern model was integrated with Hatch’s surface refinery-crystallization pond models to provide an overall simulation from mine face to product. Simulations were carried out at varying cavern temperatures (from 60°C to 100°C) to estimate the energy consumption of the overall cavern-refinery crystallization pond system. The results of this work outline some of the benefits of a holistic approach to building a potash solution mining plant that is optimized in terms of energy costs.