Design and Rehabilitation Studies Using Vista DSS Detailed Planning Model

Author(s) F. Welt, S. Lawal, T. Olason and S.G. Bridgeman
46th Annual H.G. Acres Seminar, Case Studies in Water Power - Design, Construction, and Rehabilitation April 8, 2015. Niagara Falls, Ontario.


This paper presents the collective experience cumulated over the last few years in conducting studies that dealt with design and rehabilitation of hydroplants using the detailed modeling capability of the Hatch’s Vista DSS Decision Support System. Some of the most recent studies include the sizing of the future downstream reservoir on the Cachapoal river, Chile (Pacific Hydro Chile), redevelopment of the Mersey river system (Nova Scotia Power), unit replacement study on the Mighty River (New Zealand) and the somewhat less recent redevelopment of the Lower Mattagami project, to mention only a few applications.