On Permeable Rubble Mound Coastal Structures

Author(s) P. Lomonaco, O. Sayao, A. Mendoza
Coastal Sediments 2015


The morphodynamic effect of permeable jetties at tidal inlets and adjacent beaches is discussed in the paper. A thorough description of the different morphologic aspects of inlets stabilized with groins and jetties is also presented. It is shown that a deep understanding of the sediment fluxes and identification of the sedimentary units is required, in order to analyze the sediment budget, long-term behavior and proper management practices of an inlet and its adjacent beaches. The available experience related to sites with permeable groins is reviewed, and an understanding of the processes of leaking water and sediments through the rubble mound structure is developed. Physical model tests performed for a specific jettied inlet site are also described, gaining a closer understanding of the main parameters involved in the process.