Analysis of Factors That Influence the Sensor Location Problem for Freeway Corridors

Author(s) H. Li, H. Dong, L. Jia, M. Ren, S. Li
Journal of Advanced Transportation, Vol 49, No. 1, Jan 2015, PP. 10-28


The use of traffic sensors to acquire real-time traffic information for intelligent transportation systems is becoming increasingly common. It is a challenge to determine where these sensors should be located to maximize the benefit of their use. This paper aims to illuminate the interaction of the sensor location problem (SLP) and its influencing factors, and to reveal the influencing mechanisms between those factors and the optimal sensor numbers. Firstly, we sum up the factors that influence the SLP for freeway corridors in detail and present the mathematical formulation of each factor. Then, given the parameters, which are derived from those influencing factors, the maximum integration value model (MIVM) and simplified MIVM are proposed for addressing the SLP. Finally, a real world case study, in which the simplified MIVM is used, is presented to illustrate how these factors influence the optimal sensor numbers and the maximum integration value, and also leads to the typical influencing patterns of those factors for freeway corridors. The results of the case study also demonstrate the effectiveness of the model and problem solving scheme.What is more, the suggestions for using the findings hereof in practical applications are put forward.