Gold Concentrate Roaster for Sulphur Carbon and Arsenic Removal

Author(s) K. Adham, R. Lu, A. Tohn, D. Lemieux
Conference of Metallurgists, September 30, 2014


To remove sulphur, carbon and arsenic from the gold concentrates of Dundee Sustainable Technologies (DST), Hatch has designed a demonstration plant roaster using the fluid bed technology. The fluid bed was selected for its ability to maintain stable temperatures and uniform reaction conditions. Data points from a small pilot plant (operated by DST) were used for setting the parameters of the demo plant roaster.

The DST demonstration plant is being built to further prove their patented gold extraction process at an industrial scale. Their gold extraction process is based on halogenation at atmospheric pressure and relatively low temperatures. Before the halogen leaching, most of the sulphur, carbon and arsenic should be roasted out of the feed concentrate.

The Hatch fluid bed roaster design includes a moist feed introduction system, simple bed cooling for temperature control, and cyclone fines recirculation. The demonstration plant roaster is planned for construction in 2014, and the performance results will be presented in a future paper.