Operational Performance Improvement Tools

Author(s) M. Blasi, P. Hamill, I. Duncan
2014 International Conference for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminium (ICSOBA) Conference – Aug 2014


Changing market conditions, an uncertain global economy and shareholder demands are driving organizations to achieve more with their existing assets. This demands a client has an ongoing focus on cost, competitiveness and profitability to achieve a sustainable asset portfolio. Since every asset has its own unique operational challenges, the identification and application of the right solutions to optimize asset performance are critical for ongoing business success. The Hatch Gateway™ improvement process has shown how to achieve a step change in operational performance by working with our clients to measure existing performance and identify opportunities that enhance asset capabilities. Hatch has developed simple, but effective, tools to support this improvement process. The application of these tools helps focus the effort and maximize operational performance driving competitive advantage into a client’s business.

This paper provides an overview of the Hatch approach, the supporting tools used to improve plant operational performance and the improvements made within an Alumina refinery, Aluminium Smelter and Aluminium Rolling Mill. Each solution made a significant bottom-line improvement to the operational asset.