CFD Modelling Provides Value Engineering

Author(s) D. Murray, A. Alavi, D. McCoy, C. Chartrand
Hydrovision International 2014, July 22-25, Nashville, Tennessee


Value Engineering (VE) follows a structured set of procedures designed to seek out the optimum value for long-term investment. VE analyzes the requirements of a project for the purpose of achieving and optimizing the essential functions at the lowest total cost. This paper outlines the optimization process followed in the development of a well designed water intake facility with the aid of computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

The function of the intake is to divert the discharge from the headpond into the power tunnel intake under controlled conditions while minimizing the hydraulic losses, ensuring that no air is entrained into the flow for all conditions of discharge, and controlling the amount of sediment entrained in the flow in order to minimize wear on the turbine generating equipment.

The CFD analysis provided value by increasing the hydraulic performance of the facility and by reducing construction cost enabling Innergex Renewable Energy Inc. (Innergex) to balance hydraulic performance risk with reduced construction cost.