Value of Systems Integration to Optimize Operation in Alumina Refineries

Author(s) H. Tremblay
TMS 2014. Light Metals, February 16 - 20, 2014, San Diego, California 2014


Construction of modern Refineries is a complex endeavor, technically and organizationally. Shareholders are expecting quick ROI and full optimization of the capital invested during the project. When fully commissioned, new and especially old plants are facing significant operating cost pressures. One key approach used to manage this pressure are automation, process control and production systems to optimize plant processes, manage quality, prevent equipment damages, stream line maintenance data flows and focus on problems anticipation. On the other hand, the challenge Refineries are facing is to ensure the right integration and business alignment of these systems, still be user-friendly and with low TCO (total cost of ownership). This paper will present why Automation & Process Control systems are critical and how proper systems integration can make the difference for new and existing facilities. It will present how OPEX (operating expenditures) can be reduced and major risks mitigated during commissioning and operation.