Energy Recovery Opportunities In Pyroprocessing Of Nickel Laterites

Author(s) S. Kashani-Nejad, S. Liu, M. Kozlowski, I. Candy
Ralph Lloyd Harris Memorial Symposium - Conference of Metallurgists (COM) - 2013. Presented Oct 27-31, 2013.


Energy recovery measures are increasingly being adopted in nickel laterite smelters. The typical nickel laterite smelter involves significant energy inputs in the order of hundreds of megawatts into large rotary kilns and high-powered electric furnaces. Some plants have been constructed with energy recovery as part of the original design while other smelters have added equipment to improve economy of production, reduce emissions or improve carbon footprint. Energy recovery measures such as preheat of combustion air have been in use for many years and are considered mature and relatively low risk while opportunities such as dust insufflation or slag heat recovery are in varying stages of development. This paper reviews energy recovery precedents and presents a technical and economic review of energy recovery opportunities for a typical nickel laterite pyroprocessing facility.