Safety in Design for Industrial and Mining Structures

Author(s) T. Langbecker, S. Loganathan
Fifth International Conference on Structural Engineering, Mechanics and Computation (SEMC 2013). Presented September 3, 2013.


Safety in Design is an integral part of the design process for industrial and mining structures. Safety in design is a philosophy which integrates risk management into the design process to identify and address safety issues over the whole of life (by elimination or minimization) and to communicate hazards and residual risks to “downstream” users. Hazards and risks associated with both work practices and structural safety are required to be considered. Solutions to reduce safety risks may require higher level structural analysis and/or rigorous
measurements to verify design assumptions, minimize uncertainties and / or ongoing monitoring during the construction and operation phases. Engineering challenges, opportunities and lessons learnt from a number of taxing projects are presented.