Implementation of Advanced Transfer Chute Designs

Author(s) B. Moore, S. van der Merwe, N. van Aarde
AusIMM Iron Ore Conference, 2013, Australia


Frequently materials handling operations are compromised by transfer chute problems ranging from high wear rates, blockages and ineffective loading of the downstream conveyor. This paper will present the design flow implemented to overcome problems in two case studies utilising Discrete Element Modelling incorporating material characterisation.

Material testing is relevant in achieving a valid DEM simulation model and subsequently a valuable design tool for transfer chute assessment and design. It is well recognised that in the current growth and demand for mineral resources, leading to ever increasing conveyor capacities associated with export terminals and mineral processing facilities that transfer chutes are a key focus point. The successful performance of the transfer chute is also dependent on operating with a “robust range” of material flowability and handling characteristics. This requirement is crucial in accommodating minerals ores from developing resources which are often more friable and stickier than in past decades.

This paper will include details of chute installations associated with iron ore and coking coal, from the DEM simulations through to the performance of the installed and commissioned plant.