Can We Live Up to Capacity Expectations Predicting Iron Ore Export

Author(s) R. von Varendorff, P. McGavin
Iron Ore 2013, August 13, 2013


With the economic trend towards reduced capital spend, more stakeholders are focusing on improved operational efficiency and productivity. Advancements in achieving the optimum dollar-per-tonnage will be more dependent on creating a logistics system that is well balanced and economically optimised. Critical to predicting a successful business case is the ability to accurately define capacity, realistically increase throughput and proactively translate objectives into design and operating requirements. Failure to do this will create an unrealistic perception of capacity and performance for the export corridor. This transition requires a fundamental understanding of the drivers that impact capacity, cost and value across the entire logistics chain.

Through examples, this paper will identify the contextual requirements for simulation models that assist decision-makers and stakeholders to more clearly understand the implications of decisions that will define capacity and operational performance. The aim of this approach is to provide a rigorous analysis of the outcomes – regardless of whether the export corridor is owned, used and operated by one entity or various companies.