Three Dimensional Computational Modeling of Particulate Solids Segregation and Elutriation

Author(s) A. Kokourine, K. Adham
The14th International Conference on Fluidization – From Fundamentals to Product. Presented May 26, 2013


A typical industrial-scale fluidized bed classifier is numerically analyzed using commercially available Barracuda CPFD (Computational Particle Fluid Dynamics) software to simulate three-dimensional (3D) transient, multiphase gas-solid flow in the plug flow fluidized bed and its freeboard region. The results are generally consistent with the limited plant data (available to the authors at the time of publication) and useful for the Fluid Bed (FB) vessel designers. However, two areas require further investigation: first, the coarse material segregation in the simulated thick bed zone and second, the calculated superior performance of a thin-bed classifier.