The Mechanism Chalcopyrite Leaching in Acidic Ferric Ferrous Sulfate Media

Author(s) G. Nazari, D.G. Dixon, D.B. Dreisinger
Conference of Metallurgists (COM2012), October 1, 2012


The kinetics of chalcopyrite leaching in acidic ferric/ferrous sulfate media under atmospheric conditions in the presence of pyrite has been investigated. It has been found that pyrite samples from different sources affect the rate of chalcopyrite leaching differently. A strong correlation between the amount of silver associated with the pyrite and its effectiveness has been noted. In this study, improvement of the catalytic properties of pyrite such that all pyrite samples accelerate the rate of copper extraction regardless of their sources is demonstrated, and a detailed discussion of the mechanisms involved in the process of chalcopyrite leaching in the presence of silver-enhanced pyrite is presented.