Applying ASME Code Slurry Transportation Piping Systems an ANSI Standard

Author(s) K.T. Pearson
International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, 23 March, 2011


Most installations of mine backfill slurry pipeline distributions systems, including both hydraulic and pastefills do not meet all the requirements of any specific pressure system code. This occurs for a variety of reasons from the lack of a specific code requirement, non-compliance with a code, changes in operating procedures, process changes, temporary repairs, incorrect piping components, and lack of knowledge of applicable codes. In North America, specifically the USA, there is a designated code and an ANSI standard – ASME Code B31.11 Slurry Transportation Piping Systems. Generally this code is not well known and like most codes is not readily available or easily interpreted by field personnel. With the increasing use of backfill and the extraction of ore at greater depths, there is a growing concern about the safety and liability of non-standard piping installations. Hatch has been retained by two separate mining clients to review, certify and provide engineering standards for backfill distribution systems. This includes installation drawings, material specifications and computer analysis to calculate allowable pressures and loads for various piping components. To further ensure continued compliance, instructive training for supervisory personnel and tradesman was offered after the delivery of the engineering documents. This presentation identifies the most common installation deficiencies and clarifies misconceptions about the interpretation and compliance of this specific code. As the complete code is too extensive to cover in this presentation, it will highlight only some important clauses for review and consideration by interested parties.