Color Quality Improvement of Hydrate at ETI

Author(s) A. Yigit, B. Çelikel, S. Ertugrul, G. Kürsat Demir, M. Baygül, C. E. Suarez, D. R. Chinloy, D. Ingram
ICSOBA 2010-International Committee for Study of Bauxite, Alumina & Aluminum, Nov 25 - 27, 2010, Zhengzhou, China


ETI Aluminum founded in 1973 is a vertically integrated company located in Seydisehir, Konya in the central Anatolia region of Turkey.

ETI was purchased by the Cengiz Holding in 2005 via privatization. The modernization process that started following the purchase by the Cengiz Holding is still in progress. The facility currently has the capacity to treat 542,800 tones of bauxite per year in order to produce 400,000 tones/year of aluminum hydroxide, 230,000 tones/year of calcined alumina and 65,000 tones/year of primary aluminum.

One of the important challenges that ETI faced was participating in the global market by improving the color of the aluminum hydroxide. To resolve this important issue ETI made several improvements in the security filtration area of the alumina refinery. This paper discusses the modifications made. It shows the color quality of aluminum hydroxide before and after improvements and also describes the parameters affecting the color of aluminum hydroxide using laboratory and plant experiences.