Advances in Coilbox Technology for More Efficient HSM Production

Author(s) A. Abu-Abed, C. McKenney, D. Metcalfe
Presented at the IAS 17th Rolling Conference, November 10–13, 2008, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina.


Coilbox Technology has evolved to higher levels since the first Coilbox began operating in 1978. The Coilbox was quickly accepted as an effective process in HSMs for optimizing production, improving quality and reducing energy use. Coilbox Design and Control are key aspects to support these process objectives. New Coilbox designs tolerate a wider range of material grades and transfer bar thicknesses while operating at faster operating speeds with improved coiling performance and reliability. These advances can provide the modern HSM with yield and productivity increases resulting in a more uniform thermal profile of the whole transfer bar.