Ep2 - Forging the Future podcast | Diving into electric iron making – Established technology with a new mission

Forging the Future: Decarbonizing the Steel Industry
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Join us on the second episode of Hatch’s Podcast series “Forging the Future: Decarbonizing the Steel Industry,” where we delve into the electrifying world of iron making. In this episode we welcome two esteemed guests from Hatch: Chris Walker, Global Director of Electric Furnace Technologies, and Ian Cameron, Principal Engineer in Ferrous Metallurgy.

Together, we’ll embark on a journey through the annals of metallurgical history, exploring the evolution of steel and iron furnace technologies. Our experts will shed light on the pivotal moments that have shaped the industry and discuss the innovative strides being made towards a more sustainable future.

Chris and Ian will also unravel the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead as we transition to greener methods of production. They’ll provide insights into how established electric iron making technologies are being repurposed with a new mission: to reduce the carbon footprint of steel and iron production.

Don’t miss this in-depth conversation that fuses past, present, and future, as we forge ahead to a cleaner, more sustainable era in the steel industry.

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