Paul Krawchuk

Challenging conventional thinking for carbon reduction and removal

Paul Krawchuk | August 6, 2020
How will we achieve net-zero emissions when the reality is that global energy consumption continues to increase? Carbon capture utilization and storage is one way to significantly reduce the carbon footprint realized through the production of oil and gas.
Robert Francki

Powering the energy needs of tomorrow

Robert Francki | July 30, 2020
As the world’s energy consumption continues to increase, we must find new ways to generate, distribute, and use energy to achieve the profound transformation required to mitigate and reverse the forces of climate change. Hatch’s global managing director of Energy, Robert Francki shares how Hatch is responding.
Dale Brown

Seven ideas to help you succeed with systems integration

Dale Brown | July 10, 2020
With the continual development and expansion of interfaces in infrastructure due to advances in technology and automation, it is imperative to understand the importance of a successful systems integration.
Jie Yang

Sustainable water management in mining, a global imperative

Jie Yang | June 23, 2020
Water is critical to the mining industry. Without water, mines don’t function. And, with the global water shortage, there’s increased pressure from stakeholders, communities, and world governments for mining companies to reduce their freshwater demand and develop more sustainable mine water management systems. Each mine site requires a tailored and holistic solution.