Sanjiv Save

Converting inexpensive natural gas into high-value economics

Sanjiv Save | September 9, 2020
As natural gas becomes increasingly abundant, barriers are leading to depressed prices for the foreseeable future, with very little upside projected. Our solution is simple: enabling technology to produce higher value, higher demand products that benefit consumers and can be readily exported.
Patrick Ransom

Public transport and the COVID recovery

Patrick Ransom | August 31, 2020
Public transport operators are being hit hard by COVID. They can, however, play a critical role in supporting the recovery and driving a more positive future if sufficient funding is made available.
Laura Twigge Molecey

Designing with diversity and inclusion in mind adds real value

Laura Twigge-Molecey | August 26, 2020
One of the areas that’s gaining momentum is the concept of Diverse and Inclusive (D&I) Design, which incorporates and considers the diversity of a project’s workforce, workplace, and community right from the planning stages.
Jamie Kennedy

Breathing new life into dormant lands along railway corridors

Jamie Kennedy | August 19, 2020
Large cities face increased demand for housing and reduced land supply, which can be addressed by developing commercial and residential properties adjacent to and in the proximity of active rail corridors which often lay dormant and underutilized.
Paul Krawchuk

Challenging conventional thinking for carbon reduction and removal

Paul Krawchuk | August 6, 2020
How will we achieve net-zero emissions when the reality is that global energy consumption continues to increase? Carbon capture utilization and storage is one way to significantly reduce the carbon footprint realized through the production of oil and gas.