Trevor Bergfeldt

Changing climate, changing priorities: the transition to a low-carbon economy (Part 2)

Dr Trevor Bergfeldt | April 29, 2020
In Part 1 of his two-part blog, Trevor Bergfeldt addressed the global imperative for industrial sectors, such as mining, to reduce their carbon footprint and help mitigate the negative impacts of carbon emissions on the environment. Part 2 looks at some of the available solutions and how organizations can build a roadmap on their journey to carbon neutrality.
Will Temple

Putting place at the heart of COVID recovery

Will Temple | April 28, 2020
Town centres and high streets, which already had a strong case for proactive investment and attention before the virus hit, are where the economic impacts of COVID will play out most visibly. In the short-term, local government will play an important role in identifying affected businesses and trying to channel the support they need.
Trevor Bergfeldt

Changing climate, changing priorities: the transition to a low-carbon economy (Part 1)

Dr Trevor Bergfeldt | April 21, 2020
As demand for minerals grows, mining companies are simultaneously faced with new and complex challenges in a rapidly-changing world. Trevor Bergfeldt addresses how the mining industry is helping to fight climate change by accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. This is part one of "Changing climate, changing priorities: the transition to a low-carbon economy."
Alex Pietralla

Successful project delivery lies in the balancing act of community well-being

Alex Pietralla | April 16, 2020
The balance between environmental protection and economic activity is a key determining factor for any project. To successfully increase well-being for all, Canadians call for a renewed focus on key success factors. We take a look at the Government of Canada's Community Well-Being (CWB) index and its role in tracking the socioeconomic well-being of Indigenous communities.
George Harrington

COVID-19: Local exposure to the crisis

George Harrington | April 7, 2020
As policy makers respond to the immediate health challenges posed by Covid-19, we need to prepare for what the future holds. We have developed an Interactive Dashboard that tries to identify exposure to the socio-economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic across England. But by utilizing data sources from other countries, our effort is towards a global replication and understanding.