Markus Rebmann

Consulting done better: the value of technical expertise

Markus Rebmann | November 6, 2019
Consultants often only provide high-level advice. Yet, clients expect interdisciplinary teams of experts with deep industry knowledge and a solid understanding of the history of their assets. They want consultants who can combine proven problem-solving approaches with the latest engineering and technical knowledge and deep understanding of how organizations can unlock the full potential of their people.
Jeff Holland

Lessons in leadership: effectively managing change

Jeff Holland | October 9, 2019
As organizations go through change, when it comes to managing that change, it’s critical to have a dedicated leadership team that’s committed–to communicating with honesty, to understanding your people, and to leading by example. And to do so effectively takes a lot of hard work.
Danielle Zyngier

Four value chain management strategies

Danielle Zyngier | August 20, 2019
Are you reaping the benefits of value chain integration? By maximizing capacity utilization with minimal system disruptions, the path to business growth is both accessible and achievable.
Chelsie Klassen

Celebrating culture with conversations: #IYIL2019

Chelsie Klassen | August 9, 2019
Despite its immeasurable worth, languages worldwide are disappearing–quickly. It’s estimated that every two weeks an Indigenous language “falls off the map”. And of the almost 7,000 languages in the world, many of them have Indigenous origins. With the loss of languages comes the risk of losing culture and diversity–a risk we can’t afford.