Trevor Bergfeldt

Changing climate, changing priorities: the transition to a low-carbon economy (Part 1)

Dr Trevor Bergfeldt | April 21, 2020
As demand for minerals grows, mining companies are simultaneously faced with new and complex challenges in a rapidly-changing world. Trevor Bergfeldt addresses how the mining industry is helping to fight climate change by accelerating the transition to a carbon-neutral economy. This is part one of "Changing climate, changing priorities: the transition to a low-carbon economy."
Alex Pietralla

Successful project delivery lies in the balancing act of community well-being

Alex Pietralla | April 16, 2020
The balance between environmental protection and economic activity is a key determining factor for any project. To successfully increase well-being for all, Canadians call for a renewed focus on key success factors. We take a look at the Government of Canada's Community Well-Being (CWB) index and its role in tracking the socioeconomic well-being of Indigenous communities.
George Harrington

COVID-19: Local exposure to the crisis

George Harrington | April 7, 2020
As policy makers respond to the immediate health challenges posed by Covid-19, we need to prepare for what the future holds. We have developed an Interactive Dashboard that tries to identify exposure to the socio-economic effects of the Coronavirus pandemic across England. But by utilizing data sources from other countries, our effort is towards a global replication and understanding.
Ryan Cote

Strategizing for success: how to sell your project to your future stakeholders

Ryan Cote | February 26, 2020
Getting the funds required to get a project off the ground, no matter the size, requires work. A lot of it. Small or newly formed companies in the resource sector are typically lean operations with individuals taking on what, in a more established firm, would be covered by multiple, specialized people. These types of companies often lack the resources or headcount for this level of specialization.
Kristy-Ann Duffy

Evolving to meet future challenges in mining and minerals processing

Kristy-Ann Duffy | February 12, 2020
The mining and mineral processing industry has changed significantly over the last thirty years. We sit down with Kristy-Ann Duffy, a process consultant for Hatch’s mineral processing division, to look at some of the challenges we’ve overcome, some of the changes we’ll have to face in the future, and how smarter practices and more efficient technologies are changing the game.