Mélanie Kahle

Where do we stand when it comes to female role models and stereotypes in 2019?

Mélanie Kahle | December 5, 2019
Thirty years after the Montreal Massacre, Mélanie Kahle, École Polytechnique alumna and global director, Simulation and regional director, Process, comments on how far the industry has come in welcoming more diverse ideas and mindsets, but also remarks on where we need to go to become a fully diverse and inclusive company and industry.
Eric Bond

The road back to recovery and revival

Eric Bond | December 3, 2019
In recognition of International Day of Persons with Disabilities, we’re focusing on the empowerment and participation of persons with disabilities. We’re on a journey to build a fully diverse and inclusive company that celebrates and harnesses the unique strengths of our people regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, and disability. This is one such story.
Michel Carreau

Solar powering the Arctic

Michel Carreau | November 14, 2019
The installation of global solar power is growing at an accelerated rate, and while attention has been focused on rooftop and utility installations, the high cost of transporting fuel to remote locations presents one of the strongest business cases for integrating renewable energy with diesel power generation to form a hybrid power generation system.
Jarendra Reddy

Shared success: the value of ecosystem thinking on the future of urban mobility

Jarendra Reddy | November 8, 2019
The future of urban mobility requires thinking that goes beyond traditional ideas so that future growth is addressed within the context of finite global resources. Ecosystem thinking requires an integration of the complex relationship between users, infrastructure, services, and policies to satisfy mobility needs in an enduring way that will bring positive change to existing and future citizens.