Repurposing coal-fired power plants: benefits and challenges

Todd Thomas PE and Kamran Akhtar PEng | March 27, 2023
Coal-fired power plants have played a key role in providing the electricity that has helped shape our global economy. As we transition to a low carbon world, can repurposing these coal-fired plants help us shape a new energy landscape?
Raja Sahulhameed

Overseeing supply chain management to prevent budget blowouts

Raja Sahulhameed | March 22, 2023
Major capital projects are fundamental to organic growth in resources sectors. When calculating the value of a major project, CFOs have traditionally provided a fixed capital cost to the market, but the cost of megaprojects is becoming increasingly difficult to estimate, which is causing budget blowouts. Supply constraints for building materials and metals, a decrease in global crude oil supplies, high freight costs, and labor shortages are all contributing to uncertainty with the planning and delivery of megaprojects. As a result, organizational leaders need to become more involved in supply chain management in the current volatile market of inflated costs.

Assessing the impact of federal funding mechanisms on the North American electric vehicle value chain: part 1

Mariam Faizal, Jan Maceczek, Yinka Ogunduyi, and Siddarth Subramani | March 13, 2023
With the recent focus on advancing access to battery materials and localizing electric vehicle production, several public sector funding initiatives have been launched to stimulate capital projects in support of this goal. In a series of blogs, our Hatch experts will explore these opportunities and the challenges they present.

Community-led project delivery: moving forward together

$name | March 13, 2023
By listening to and understanding local knowledge, we become better project managers and designers; and by leading with our innovative community-led project delivery method, we can bring fresh insights and positive change to every engineering project.

Implementing mining readiness strategies

Jeffry Del Carpio | February 6, 2023
Mining readiness presents a unique opportunity to create value from the early stages of project development. Whether it’s implemented within a new mining complex or a future processing facility, this practice maximizes asset efficiency, avoids delays and production losses, and boosts operation start-up.

How to Mitigate the Risks of Decarbonization

Robert Griesbach | January 24, 2023
Can power companies improve the resiliency of their systems to significantly reduce the possibility of outages in severe weather events? Can energy storage and microgrid capability make a significant difference? Hatch has innovative, cost-effective solutions and answers to these questions and more.

Have a listen - Social impacts of extractive projects

Dr. Fiona Martin | January 19, 2023
Dr. Fiona Martin, Hatch’s Director of Community Engagement – Australia and Asia, was recently a guest on Sheila Khama’s Extractives Podcast where she discussed the social impacts of extractive projects.

Planning for the Growth of Electric Vehicles in North America

Xiaoyou Zhang | January 10, 2023
Everyone agrees that the electric vehicle (EV) industry will grow dramatically in North America over the next decade. To prepare for such growth, utility and city planners need to be able to predict how many EVs will be in use, and how many chargers will be needed.