Unlocking a sustainable energy mix with nuclear

Amar Jolly | October 14, 2020
Energy inequality, urbanization, and climate change all share one thing in common: access to sustainable and reliable power. Amar Jolly shares his take on how nuclear power can help us to achieve a less carbon-intensive world in an economical way.
Sanjiv Save

Converting inexpensive natural gas into high-value economics

Sanjiv Save | September 9, 2020
As natural gas becomes increasingly abundant, barriers are leading to depressed prices for the foreseeable future, with very little upside projected. Our solution is simple: enabling technology to produce higher value, higher demand products that benefit consumers and can be readily exported.
Patrick Ransom

Public transport and the COVID recovery

Patrick Ransom | August 31, 2020
Public transport operators are being hit hard by COVID. They can, however, play a critical role in supporting the recovery and driving a more positive future if sufficient funding is made available.
Laura Twigge Molecey

Designing with diversity and inclusion in mind adds real value

Laura Twigge-Molecey | August 26, 2020
One of the areas that’s gaining momentum is the concept of Diverse and Inclusive (D&I) Design, which incorporates and considers the diversity of a project’s workforce, workplace, and community right from the planning stages.