Paul Jim

How drones are modernizing mining operations

Paul Jim | March 20, 2018
Today’s world is one of convenience, cost saving, and safety. In the past 50 years, there have been more technological advancements than in all of human history. In this era of software development, wireless technologies, and mobile devices, industries that predate these developments by centuries are being forced to adapt to stay relevant in this fast-moving world.
Allan Ferguson

The reality of augmented reality

Allan Ferguson | March 2, 2018
Augmented reality is changing the way we perceive and interact with our environment. And it's beginning to find applications in a wide range of industries. But are we ready to make the most of this technology?
Alvaro Rozo

The digitization journey in mining

Alvaro Rozo | January 25, 2018
The mining industry collects huge amounts of data from drills, trucks, processing plants, and trains. But many organizations use very little of what's available to them to drive their decision-making.
Doug Belle

How phosphates feed the world

Doug Belle | January 18, 2018
It’s a hungry world. The population is expected to increase by almost a third over the next few decades, and there’s not enough arable land to grow the food that people will need to survive.
Alvaro Rozo

Together, mining and digital will forge brave new worlds, better futures

Alvaro Rozo | December 21, 2017
With the value of mining stocks falling dramatically in recent years and the market for sustainable products growing exponentially, many commodities have reached a critical point. They must transform themselves to be competitive and redefine their value to their shareholders.
Thessy Moodley

Road mapping digital transformation

Thessy Moodley | December 7, 2017
Today, operators believe the digital revolution to be a game-changer. All eyes are on the prize, hoping it will produce step changes in safety, productivity, cost efficiency, and overall performance.
Michel Carreau

Energy storage: a kW saved is a kW earned

Michel Carreau | December 6, 2017
Rising energy prices. Carbon-emitting fuels. An aging grid and transmission system, already challenged by constantly increasing power loads. Could today’s new energy storage technologies be the answer?
Carlo Cristofari

Get an experienced guide to the digital ecosystem

Carlo Cristofari | November 27, 2017
Broad in scope and complex in detail, the digital transformation so many companies are undergoing is more of a journey than a destination. Here are ten things you should know to help you better manage your digital ecosystem.