Investing in what matters: Insights from COP28, part 2

Jean-Denis Carrier and Karen Dingley | March 7, 2024
By investing in ongoing research and development, we as an industry, can continue to focus on creating and implementing cutting-edge technologies that enhance sustainability, reduce emissions, and promote clean energy.

Digital solutions in sustainability: A realistic approach in a growing world

Alim Somani | February 27, 2024
In the mining industry, sustainability is crucial. Alim Somani emphasizes the role of digital integration in sustainable mining practices, addressing macro-level challenges and opportunities. Realistic conversations about industry, growth, poverty reduction, and climate change are necessary.
Farzaneh Golkhoo

Harnessing the power of risk analytics

Farzaneh Golkhoo | February 12, 2024
In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, where new and unexpected risks can quickly emerge, relying solely on subjective judgments can leave organizations ill-prepared to address these challenges.

Unraveling digital transformation: Pulling the data thread

Alex Cespedes | February 9, 2024
From simple documents to intricate 3D models, data takes myriad forms with more teams relying on a digital-first approach. Whether executing a fast-paced project or operating a facility, organizations need to ensure they’re harnessing data the right way.

Investing in what matters: Insights from COP28, part 1

Jean-Denis Carrier and Karen Dingley | February 5, 2024
Driven by high energy demands and limited access to reliable and affordable renewables sources the mining industry continues to grapple with decarbonization challenges.

Social value of the built environment

Kelly Watson | January 18, 2024
Let’s explore the social value transforming built environments. Discover the intricate layers of societal impact, delve into cutting-edge research, and redefine our perception of inclusive communities in this special issue of Buildings & Cities. Dive into the article authored by Dr. Kelly Watson, a leading figure in sustainability and social impact strategies.

Nuclear energy is a safe investment opportunity

Amar Jolly | January 17, 2024
Nuclear energy is expected to continue to play a significant role in achieving the net-zero goals set forth by the Paris Agreement, the G7 and European Union. The question is, who will pay for it? And how?
Khutso Sekgota and Herman Strauss_

Key trends shaping the mining and metals sector in Southern Africa, Part 5: Maximizing value from capital spend

Khutso Sekgota and Herman Strauss | January 10, 2024
Organizations are shifting focus and adapting to changes shaping global industries, resulting in an increased focus on sustainability, the adoption of digital tools and artificial intelligence, and adaptation to global supply chain changes. These shifts are affecting companies across all sectors, especially in mining and metals. In Southern Africa, these trends have been amplified by infrastructure challenges, reduced risk appetite, and limited capital flows.