Helping SMEs understand their Digital Journey

Daniel Miles | May 29, 2023
Unlocking the Digital Journey: Empowering SMEs for success in the digital era. Discover how digital transformation drives business growth and economic performance. Download our comprehensive report to gain insights into the best digital technologies, challenges faced by SMEs, and the impact on the Australian economy. Essential reading for SMEs, global businesses, and government agencies alike.

Assessing the impact of federal funding mechanisms on the electric vehicle value chain: part 2

Mariam Faizal, Jan Maceczek, Yinka Ogunduyi, Siddarth Subramani | May 25, 2023
With the recent focus on advancing access to battery materials and localizing electric vehicle production, several government funding initiatives have been launched to stimulate capital projects globally in support of this goal. In a series of blogs, our Hatch experts explore these opportunities and the challenges they present.

A tale of three scopes: Part 1

Matthew Tutty | May 25, 2023
There is growing recognition of the significance of value chain emissions, known as scope 3 emissions, in the climate change strategies of metals and mining organizations.

Identifying the right numerical modeling approach

Georges Kassab | May 10, 2023
As the number of available modeling methods and technologies continues to grow, so does the importance of identifying the appropriate approach to ensure project success and sustainability.
Mellissa Winfield-Lesk

Doubling down on ESG: Transforming the way we do business means transforming ourselves

Mellissa Winfield-Lesk | May 2, 2023
The 2020s have been referred to as the “Sustainable Energy Decade,” a time in which significant changes must occur if we are to address the urgent issues of climate change. If the world doesn’t find sustainable, renewable solutions soon, there could be catastrophic repercussions that impact our ecological supplies and the communities in which we live.

When procuring zero-emission buses, there’s strength in numbers

Daniel Lang, PhD | April 26, 2023
Discover the advantages of joint procurement for smaller transit agencies transitioning to zero-emission buses in Daniel Lang's latest blog for Hatch. Learn how this approach can help agencies acquire funding, reduce costs, and increase vehicle support while sharing knowledge and infrastructure. Explore the success of MaineDOT's pilot project and how Hatch assisted in developing feasible pathways for every agency to transition to hybrid or battery electric technologies. Get insights into Hatch's expertise in ZEB solutions and their commitment to combating climate change.

The driverless endgame

Andrew Miller, Victoria Webster and Bern Grush | April 25, 2023
As automated driving technology becomes more prevalent, policymakers face significant challenges in ensuring the safety of drivers and passengers while promoting innovation. From liability to data privacy, @AndrewMiller's blog delves into key issues policymakers must address to establish a comprehensive policy and regulatory framework for the responsible development and deployment of this technology. Download our white paper for in-depth analysis and more than 40 recommendations on how to navigate the legislative and regulatory barriers to automated driving.