Alexander Quinn

Triple-bottom-line decision-making: a consideration of confluence

Alexander Quinn | January 25, 2017
A triple-bottom-line accounting framework lets us see how projects can generate the highest value in environmental improvement, social benefit, and economic gain. It points the way to balanced decisions about where to invest funds and the impact those investments may ultimately have.
Mohammad Sedighy

Powering remote communities and industrial facilities

Mohammad Sedighy | November 17, 2016
Job creation. Access to modern tools, conveniences, and facilities. Cost savings and cleaner environments. Microgrid technology is a game changer for off-grid communities and industries.
Mark Machado

Super cool crystallization ponds

Mark Machado | October 31, 2016
The potash industry is alive and well, boosting crop yields to feed more people and livestock all over the world. Getting there was just a matter of the right chemistry...and a whole new way of thinking.
C. Richard Donnelly

Power dams, climate change, and extreme events

C. Richard Donnelly | September 27, 2016
Warmer temperatures. Melting glaciers. More frequent and more violent storms. With shifting climates presenting competing and conflicting risks, we need to prepare now to protect and maintain our hydroelectric dam installations.
Sanjiv Save

Oil, gas, and the future of GTL

Sanjiv Save | September 7, 2016
In the last 10 years, shale gas production has exploded in North America. Shale oil has expanded in a big way, too. Can these two competing commodities continue to coexist?
Jan Kwak

Culture shift: automation in mining

Jan Kwak | August 9, 2016
There’s a change happening in mining, and it’s gaining ground and momentum. Get ready, because it’s going to revolutionize the way you think about and operate your business.