Dale Brown

Seven ideas to help you succeed with systems integration

Dale Brown | July 10, 2020
With the continual development and expansion of interfaces in infrastructure due to advances in technology and automation, it is imperative to understand the importance of a successful systems integration.
Jie Yang

Sustainable water management in mining, a global imperative

Jie Yang | June 23, 2020
Water is critical to the mining industry. Without water, mines don’t function. And, with the global water shortage, there’s increased pressure from stakeholders, communities, and world governments for mining companies to reduce their freshwater demand and develop more sustainable mine water management systems. Each mine site requires a tailored and holistic solution.
David Anders

Navigating the smart grid journey

David Anders | May 27, 2020
Aging infrastructure. Increased distributed and renewable generation. Changing customer behaviors. The need for more resilient operations, especially as we seek to overcome extreme climate events or even a global pandemic. These are all challenges that must be overcome, and quickly. Our solution: implementing the right technologies at the right scale to meet your needs, while generating long-term value.