Cobus van Rensburg

Upstream opportunities for vSMRs in growing green economy

Cobus van Rensburg | May 26, 2022
Clean technologies form the basis of our ongoing transition to a greener economy. Certain metals and minerals are integral to these clean technologies, but carbon intensive mining processes continue to hold us back. Is nuclear uniquely positioned to address this issue?

The power of connection

Joe Roberts | May 12, 2022
When employees feel psychologically safe in their work environment, they are more productive and loyal, which in turn leads to higher productivity and ultimately, higher success rates as an organization.
Kevin Reilly & Lauren Bradford

Strengthening Safety Management Legislation for US Transit Agencies

Kevin Reilly & Lauren Bradford | April 27, 2022
The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will trigger changes in the Federal Transit Law that will affect safety management. At Hatch, we are uniquely positioned to assist transportation agencies in understanding and addressing this new legislation.
Jocelyn Lim

Exploring the importance of diversity in engineering project teams

Jocelyn Lim | April 20, 2022
Studies have shown that diverse teams are smarter, happier, healthier, and more likely to form thoughtful decisions and deep connections as a group. With the current lack of diversity in engineering, how can we leverage what we know about diversity and use this within our project design teams?
Steve Bond

SMRs in mining – a renewed business case for nuclear in Australia

Steve Bond | March 17, 2022
There is renewed interest in nuclear energy projects throughout the world. Countries that had previously moved away from nuclear solutions have shown interest in the industry’s latest offerings – SMRs and vSMRs. These can offer a zero-carbon solution to a wide range of end users. Are there specific benefits for the mining industry?
Sam Watson

The (haul) road to success

Sam Watson | February 9, 2022
The average person most likely doesn’t see the value in haul roads. But for mining clients, who use them over 300 times a day to transport materials to and from a site, they are worth their weight in gold.