Adrian McFadden

Unlocking shareholder value with strategic innovation

Adrian McFadden | December 18, 2018
The availability of new technology is impacting every industry. The challenge organizations now face is focusing on value rather than just implementing the latest technological tool. That's where a structured innovation program can help.
Kristy-Ann Duffy

More value, less impact

Kristy-Ann Duffy | December 11, 2018
It's time we changed the game plan in mining. The world is running out of accessible, high-grade deposits. So the new reality has to be about efficiency.
Michel Carreau

Renewable energy is a necessity, not a choice

Michel Carreau | December 6, 2018
Without rapid, far-reaching, and unprecedented change, scientists predict that our planet’s temperature is likely to rise by 1.5 degrees Celsius in as little as 12 years. This level of climate change has devastating and irreversible effects.
George D. Thomas

Reimagining infrastructure in a smart new world

George D. Thomas | November 12, 2018
The digital economy is transforming the way cities will function, provide services to their citizens, and support businesses. Only with innovation will a city or region be able to attract the best and brightest to its workforce and continue to grow and prosper.

Cities of the future: sustainable wealth and health

Michael Sutherland | October 30, 2018
More than half of the world’s population—3.6 billion people—now live in cities. The United Nations predicts that by 2050, 68 percent of all people will be urban dwellers, with 90 percent of that growth taking place in Asia and Africa.