Empowering the next generation: Why young professionals are vital to the energy transformation

By Karen Perry | April 14, 2023

As the world transitions towards cleaner and more sustainable energy, it is essential to empower young professionals to drive progress and innovation. The energy sector is rapidly evolving, and young professionals bring fresh ideas and perspectives to the table. 

Why is this important? 

Young professionals are committed, excited, and dedicated to the energy transformation, and an empowered workforce is essential to achieving climate goals and ensuring a sustainable future. Other areas where this is critical are: 

  • Increased demand for jobs. The energy transformation is seeing immense growth; as the industry shifts toward clean energy and electrification, there is an unprecedented amount of new skill and technical expertise needed, which requires new jobs that can be filled by young professionals. With this in mind, we must equip the labor force with the required skills and ensure young professionals are supported throughout the early stages of their careers. 
  • Increased diversity. Empowering young professionals to break down barriers and create a more inclusive industry leads to innovate solutions and a better understanding of the needs of communities and stakeholders.   
  • Attract and retain talent. Providing opportunities for growth, development, and leadership creates a more desirable industry that is inclusive, exciting and provides leadership opportunities for all ages, which encourages young people to pursue careers in energy and ensures a strong talent pipeline for the future.  
  • Collaboration. Collaboration between established energy leaders and the emerging workforce provides the opportunity for a massive acceleration within the sustainable energy transformation. We can achieve this collaboration by providing growth opportunities for young professionals; by presenting mentorship opportunities, early engagement on projects, networking and knowledge-sharing initiatives, we can eliminate many of the barriers for entry into the energy sector.  

The energy transformation requires an all-hands-on deck set of solutions. We cannot afford to leave anyone out, including young professionals.  

Empowering young professionals is about listening, supporting and guiding  

Hatch is a flat, connected organization that fosters collaboration among all employees regardless of experience. This level of engagement has allowed me to learn, grow, and lead in the energy sector.  

I work in the St. John’s Newfoundland and Labrador office where the energy transformation is buzzing. I have had the opportunity to speak at conferences, engage with other professionals, and work on some of the world's toughest challenges. I am actively engaged on projects from emissions reduction in fossil energy systems to new energy developments such as green hydrogen.  

This is an exciting and challenging time, and the young professional workforce at Hatch is passionate about positive change and making a lasting difference with our clients and our communities. The road ahead will not be easy and will require input from all generations of the workforce; it is essential to provide opportunities for growth, development, and leadership. The challenge is great but the reward of working together and empowering others to create a more sustainable, inclusive, and innovative energy sector is vital. 

Hatch promotes young professionals and through this work is bringing positive change to our employees and clients! 

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Responding to the energy transformation 

As new technologies are developed, and societies begin to implement systematic change, the necessary energy transformation is beginning to accelerate. We’re responding to this profound transformation by providing our clients with responsible energy solutions that will help us to achieve our low carbon future and shape a new energy landscape. 

Visit Responding to the energy transformation to learn more about how we are championing a low carbon future. 

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