More than a checklist — the role of meaningful community engagement

By Chelsie Klassen | Tuesday 15, 2021

There’s increased interest and a rising trend of businesses starting to prioritize environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues around the globe. Companies involved in the metals and mining, energy, and infrastructure industries in particular have the potential to improve environmental risk, advance community development, and generate revenue in the areas in which they operate. More importantly, they have the social responsibility to do so.

The growth in interest is perhaps most evident in relation to climate and diversity, but there is a marked shift in the importance of sustainable business strategies and the impact on society. What was once looked upon as a philanthropic effort is now being recognized as a core component of a strong business model. The challenge is that environmental and governance measures are well articulated in the industry, while social measures—that is, a company’s ability to manage their relationship with all stakeholders—remain harder to define.

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