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November 30, 2023

Every year in Toronto, the Working Together Safely forum brings us together with our clients, partners, contractors, and colleagues, and this year we expanded our commitment to health and safety by bringing the forum to South Africa, Australia, and South America.

This forum traditionally concentrates on cultivating an organization’s health and safety through innovation, technology, and best practices. When bringing it to new regions, it was equally important to focus on relevant, regionally specific issues and topics.

In Johannesburg, South Africa, keynote speaker Dr. Darren Green, Neurowellness Consultant and Sports Physician, introduced the applications of neuroscience in business and leadership. Tapping into his philosophies on innovation, creativity, and problem solving, Dr. Green’s engaging delivery style and charismatic approach to teaching left audience members with understanding and insight into the mind/body connection as he shared his riveting keynote Redefining employee wellness in the millennial era.

Dr. Darren Green
Dr. Darren Green

In Perth and Brisbane, Australia, Dr. Lucy Hone, Adjunct Senior Professor at the University of Canterbury and Co-Director of the New Zealand Institute of Wellbeing and Resilience, delivered her keynote What does it really mean to be resilient? While there are many resilience teachers in the world, the death of her 12-year-old daughter in a tragic road accident makes Dr. Hone’s story truly unique, and she captured our audiences with her straightforward approach to getting through the darkest days.

Dr. Lucy Hone

Dr. Roberto Canessa is a Uruguayan pediatric cardiologist, motivational speaker, and former rugby player. Best known as one of the of the survivors of the Andes Mountains plane crash in 1972—which ultimately killed 29 of the 45 people on board, leaving the remaining 16 to survive freezing conditions for more than two months before they were rescued—Dr. Canessa boldly gave his keynote at our Santiago forum on The human being: that incredible machine. With a focus on the importance of gratitude and community servitude in overcoming adversity, Dr. Canessa shared his life-changing experience with the audience, which culminated in thunderous applause.

Dr. Roberto Canessa

Also in Santiago, we heard from Carolina García, Civil Engineer, Coach, Founder of Inclusive Community, and Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Champion at BHP. Carolina’s keynote How I chose to be the protagonist of my own story spoke to the ways she reinvented herself after a car accident years ago in northern Chile, and how to apply these lessons at an organization level.

Carolina García

For more information on the Working Together Safely Forum, please contact our Hatch safety event team, or read about our Toronto event.

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